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Mechina (Pre-K)

Our Mechina classrooms are for children ages 4-5 and continue to build on the concepts learned in the Nursery program. The children begin to explore numbers, letters, and scientific concepts, promoting readiness for Transitional Kindergarten or Kindergarten. Mechina children learn independence skills, conversational Hebrew, to focus their attention during group and individual activities, and to successfully complete tasks and activities. The Mechina rooms give additional opportunities to build independence and choice; rooms include a writing center, science, dramatic play, library/cozy corners, manipulatives, and art.

The teachers continue to emphasize growth in SOCIAL and EMOTIONAL skills, teaching children to be active helpers and team players, how to demonstrate resilience, and use critical thinking to problem solve. Special importance is placed on building independence as well as learning to be a part of a community with shared spaces and materials. Skills that are crucial for elementary school are emphasized to prepare each child for success.

In our Mechina program, students continue to develop their GROSS MOTOR and FINE MOTOR skills. Children learn how to hold a variety of writing utensils, follow a line to cut, lace strings and beads, put together manipulative toys, stacking objects and building towers.

The teachers focus on students’ COGNITIVE growth. Children learn to follow 3-4 step directions, to focus and attend to class meetings and stories, and to move with a group of other children. In addition, beginning reading skills (letter identification, writing, telling stories with a structure) and beginning math skills (counting to 20, patterns, grouping, classification) are introduced through art, games, movement, and play.