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Parent Resources

Hello ECE Families,

As the fall is approaching below are some helpful FAQs as well as helpful links to articles, and a social story to help prep your child for school:

How does Governor Newsom’s recent school announcement impact the ECE? 

Governor Gavin Newsom announced new requirements for elementary, middle, and high school organizations. These are not related to the requirements for Early Childhood Education and do not alter our plans to be open in the fall. As we stay apprised of government guidelines and requirements, we will continue to remain in constant communication with our families.

What are the protocols for cleaning during Covid-19? 

We have been following all CDC, Los Angeles Public Health Dept. and California Licensing guidelines around cleaning, talking with children and providing instruction. We asked families to attend an informational PowerPoint Zoom presentation with time for Q&A before registering for our Summer Program and before re-enrolling for fall. In these presentations, I reviewed protocols, what happens if we need to close for a period of time and what instruction will look like. If you were not able to attend any of those, reach out to Karla, karla@tbhla.org for the link to the recording. In addition to the numerous protocols that our staff and maintenance are following throughout the day, we added other safety measures. We have added hand washing stations throughout the campus for convenient handwashing throughout the day – BONUS…The kids LOVE using these adorable stations! We worked with an engineer to determine the best HVAC approach for our campus and it was recommended that we purchase professional quality air purifiers for every classroom and space in our facility, which we have installed. We have also purchased ultraviolet sterilizer wands that other industries use to clean smaller toys and surfaces and we utilize larger sanitizer equipment for efficient, high-capacity disinfecting.

If we are not comfortable sending our child at this time what can we do?  

To hold your child’s spot and send them at a later date, you would need to continue making your tuition payments. If at any point you would like to pull your child from our program, you would give us 30 days notice for your last payment and your child’s spot would be offered to a family on our waitlist.  Should you hope to return at a later date, you would contact us and we would add you to our waitlist.

What happens if someone in our school comes down with Covid-19?  

We ask all enrolling families to sign a Family Agreement, which includes a commitment to following LA County and CDC guidelines and being transparent regarding any type of exposure. Daily health screening questions are asked each morning as part of the drop off process. We had one situation in early July where a family had a close-contact exposure. The child was proactively kept home and the family notified us. We immediately contacted the LA Department of Public Health and were told that there was no exposure risk due to the fact that the child had not attended ECE for a number of days. Therefore, there were not further actions required. However, we still immediately notified ECE families. This situation demonstrated that together, if we adhere to the Family Agreement, stay vigilant and err on the side of caution, we can reduce risk. Any family that notifies us of exposure to a “close contact” will immediately be instructed to follow LA County Public Health “isolation” and “quarantine” protocols. These protocols are the same whether or not someone shows any symptoms or tests positive. Any family in this situation would not be allowed back into our program until a number of requirements are met.

How can I prepare my child to return after being away and/or start if they are new? 

This summer we were able to pilot several ways to help our kiddos.  These were so effective that we will do the same before we start in the fall.  We sent out a social story to read and talk with your child about what will be the same and different at school.  Before school begins we will again have practice drop off times so that children and families can become familiar with the process. For our brand new to school kiddos, before the first day there will be a one on one meet and greet individually with the family on site to see what our school looks like. For all returning children, there will be a classroom Zoom meeting a couple of days before school starts.  Notification of classroom assignments will be sent via email the week before school starts.

There is a tremendous amount of time and energy that our staff is continuing to need to run our Summer Program and prepare for the fall.  As much as I would love to meet with each family, it is just not possible. There are many resources that you can access to answer questions. It’s important that you check (and carefully read) your emails for information and updates, utilize this FAQ for questions, ask for the PowerPoint informational presentation link if you did not attend a meeting and re-read the Family Agreement that you signed when you re-enrolled. I will continue to do what I can to address individual questions/emails but do appreciate folks accessing these sources to find most answers.  There may also be a delayed response to emails.  Please remember that your back to school paperwork is due on August 17th.

We are excited to welcome you all back to school in a few weeks.




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