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What is a “Developmental curriculum”? What does my child learn from it?

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Our program is based on meeting each child where he/she is and guiding them forward from that point. Our staff are educated in the principles of child development and understand that development is a spectrum; focusing on academic readiness, gross motor skills, fine motor skills and socialization, our teachers base their curriculum and classroom lessons around the class’ development and interest.  By creating a classroom environment that allows for open-ended learning and discovery, we give children a chance to build their understanding the world.  By providing “scaffolding,” the teachers assist children to become confident in their skills so that they may express themselves in many different symbolic languages—speech, drawing and pretend play, to name a few.  We also believe that learning is a cooperative venture which includes other children, their teachers, their families and our larger community.  Literacy, math, social studies, science, music and arts are all emphasized through a framework of hands-on contextualized experiences.

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