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Meet our Faculty & Staff


Claudine Douglas Director of Early Childhood Education cdouglas@tbhla.org
Karla Marroquin Administrative Assistant karla@tbhla.org
Shannon Nissan Rey Enrichment and Curriculum Manager shannon@tbhla.org
Samantha Loveman Programs and Development Manager samantha@tbhla.org

Parent & Me and Transition Teachers

Shanti Greenspan Parent & Me Coordinator/Transition Teacher shanti@tbhla.org

Nursery & Mechina (Pre-K) Teachers

Michal Erez Hebrew Teacher michal@tbhla.org
Samantha Loveman Nursery Teacher samantha@tbhla.org
Molly Sapper Nursery Teacher molly@tbhla.org
Shannon Nissan Rey Nursery Teacher shannon@tbhla.org
Sarah Shafer Nursery Teacher ssarah@tbhla.org
Fabiola Noguera Nursery Teacher fabiola@tbhla.org
Isabel Mondragon Nursery Teacher isabel@tbhla.org
Sara Mousaei Nursery Teacher sara@tbhla.org
Helene Zucker Nursery Teacher helene@tbhla.org
Danielle Rose Nursery Teacher danielle@tbhla.org
Koree Edwards Mechina Teacher koree@tbhla.org
Tahnny Haim Mechina Teacher tahnny@tbhla.org
Stephanie Meison Mechina Teacher stephanie@tbhla.org
Jackie Gorelick Mechina Teacher jackie@tbhla.org
Angie Banuelos Mechina Teacher angie@tbhla.org