7-27-13 TBH Board of Trustees - Staff - waving -aTemple Beth Hillel has a well earned reputation for being a friendly and inclusive community. We offer many life enriching opportunities for involvement. The very best way to find out if Temple Beth Hillel is the right fit for you is to visit. Guests are always welcome at Shabbat services and almost all of our school and synagogue activities.


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For a personal tour of the facility, please contact us at (818) 763-9148. Please also share with us if you are interested in speaking with our Director of Early Childhood Education, Director of Religious School or the Director of the Elementary School.  Our school directors will more than happy to answer all your questions.


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Dues Philosophy

Temple Beth Hillel is an independent 501(c)3 not-for-profit religious organization. Since our inception in 1946, we have been a member of the Reform movement. However, the temple is not supported by any outside organization. Our operational costs are paid for in three ways:

  1. Dues
  2. Fees – such as school registration fees
  3. Fundraising

Each of these income sources is vital. Members are responsible for the financial condition of the temple, including supporting the temple. Every year, the entire membership reviews and approves/disapproves the budgeted expenses and dues/fees at the annual congregational meeting. Members are encouraged to contact the Treasurer with questions regarding our expenses or income sources.

Temple Beth Hillel offers financial consideration to a limited number of families every year to ensure that temporary financial difficulties do not effect a members’ ability to remain a part of our community. We are strong believers in being there for any member of our community in need, but the Temple itself is a costly institution to run each year. Our budget resources are limited. Temple Beth Hillel, like most synagogues, demonstrates ‘due diligence’ to its members by asking families interested in ‘financial consideration’ (some temples refer to this as ‘dues relief’) to complete a short confidential form that explains the need for such consideration. All members enjoy full membership privileges regardless of the dollar amount they contribute to the temple. The temple community is greatly enriched by having a diverse, inclusive congregation.



As an “inclusive Jewish community affiliated with the Reform movement…”, we endeavor to make families feel welcome. We reach out to interfaith families, same-sex couples, families with special needs, senior citizens and young people alike. We strive to enhance the spiritual, intellectual and cultural life of each member of our Temple family.


Programs for Interfaith Families

We serve a large number of interfaith families and offer a number of programs to help these families feel welcome and included. We know that some of the ceremonies, holidays and rites of the Jewish religion can be daunting to a non-Jewish family member, and a little help can go a long way to easing the learning process.  Please feel free to contact our rabbis or staff with any of your questions and concerns.