Seder in the Desert


2019 Seder in the Desert – XXXX

April 26-28
Yucaipa Regional Park

We invite you to a spiritually rewarding, camp experience for Seder in the Desert XXXX! This is a great time to get away with family and celebrate age-old tradition by making new memories.

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Below you will find some answers to very common questions:

Q: What exactly IS Seder in the Desert?

A: Seder in the Desert is a Passover tradition that Temple Beth Hillel started doing in 1979 to celebrate Passover. Going to the desert is a very symbolic idea to remember what our ancestors overcame. We decided to put these ideas together and drive out to the desert over Passover weekend, where we camp in a safe, designated campground, observe a Passover Shabbat and Seder and spend time connecting with our families and with each other.


Q: Are there bathrooms?

A: Yes! There are clean bathrooms within a short walking distance from where we set up camp. There is running water too!


Q: Do I HAVE to camp in a tent?

A: You may camp in a tent or, like many families, you can rent an RV for the weekend.


Q: Where exactly IS Seder in the Desert held?

A: Yucaipa State National Park


Q: Are dogs allowed to attend?

A: Pets are allowed on-site as long as they remain on leash and are picked up after.


Q: Do I need to buy a ticket for this event?

A: You do NOT need to purchase a ticket for this event?


Q: I have more questions, but I can not attend the meeting. What can I do?

A: E-mail or set-up an appoint to speak with Rabbi Sarah by calling our main office at (818)763-9148


Q: Where can I rent RV/Trailers?

A: Here are a few commonly used businesses in the area (this is not an endorsement):