Religious School

At Temple Beth Hillel, we believe each individual has both the right and the ability to claim the richness and heritage of Judaism in order to gain a sense of self-understanding. Rabbi Eleanor Steinman, Director of Religious Education at TBH, is happy to meet with you to talk about our program and answer any questions you might have. Please feel free to contact her at (818) 763-9148, ext. 141.

2016-2017 Religious School calendar.

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Our school mission is to have Jewish life play a rich and vital role in the lives of both our students and their families. We strive to fulfill this mission through song and prayer, art and dance, laughter and joy, field trips and dialogues, friendships and memories.

Building a sense of Jewish community among our students is also an important program goal. Students will partake in an integrated experience of learning, socializing and living in the Jewish faith, when they attend our Family Education Programs, t’filah (prayer services), Holiday celebrations, Mitzvah Day, Shabbat dinners, “The Seder in the Desert” conclave retreats and so much more!

As we work together, we encourage both our students and their families to continue learning and incorporating our shared heritage into their daily lives. We wish you a year of health and happiness.



We strive to:

  • Teach the values, ethics and issues of Reform Judaism to support the personal choices our children make.
  • Give students a secure place where they can develop and discover their personal relationship with God and their Jewish identities.
  • Introduce our children to the Hebrew language; so, they will be able to effectively participate in synagogue tefillah (prayer service) and have the foundation to understand Hebrew as a living language.
  • Provide our children with meaningful, joyful experiences in the practice of Jewish ceremonies, holidays, customs, laws, rituals and observances at home, at synagogue and in the community.
  • Inspire in our children, a deep concern, and affection for, the State of Israel and its people, along with a sense of kinship and responsibility towards Jews in our own community and throughout the world.
  • Foster the Jewish values of tzedakah (acting righteously) and gemilut chasadim (acts of loving kindness) through active involvement in a curriculum of caring.
  • Develop in our children knowledge and appreciation of Jewish art, dance, history, literature and music.
  • Create a link between Temple and home through Jewish family education so that Judaism becomes a family priority and commitment.
  • Encourage all students to continue their Jewish learning after becoming bar/bat mitzvah.