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The saying…”It takes a village” is something that we learned early on with our son.  Thankfully, we found the ECE at Temple Beth Hillel along with its warm and loving teaching staff and knew that we, as a family, were in the best of hands!  Our son feels so safe and loved here….what more can a parent ask for! –Cindy Lewin-Kahn, ECE Parent

Beth Hillel Day School’s Parenting Program offers opportunities for parents and children to spend special time together in a warm and friendly Jewish environment as well as classes designed just for adults.

Our PARENT & ME classes are designed to meet the developmental and social needs of the child and to give parent and child a chance to play together as they explore indoor and outdoor environments and a wide variety of hands-on learning activities. All classes include a snack, free play, and time for parents to meet other parents in our community. Our Rabbi often comes to the class to sing, talk and be available as a parenting resource. Class offerings change by the semester depending on parent interest and need but often include music, Shabbat, science, art, Baby & Me, movement, dance and cooking. We also often offer evening classes for grandparents and working parents.

In addition to Parent & Me classes, our parenting program offers morning and evening PARENT EDUCATION opportunities, including classes for expectant mothers (such as birthing classes, lactation consultants, prenatal and baby massage, doula services, and lessons on baby sign language) as well as classes for parents of toddlers and elementary children. Past classes have included lectures from parenting experts, Jewish Parenting with the Rabbi, and seminars with different guest speakers,

We also offer a TRANSITION class for our children who are preparing to enter the nursery school; this class makes the transition into preschool a smooth process by introducing a simple classroom routine and helping the child to become independent.