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booksTemple Beth Hillel’s preschool is the ideal place for my daughter. She is learning so much about science, literature and Judaica, as well as loving the arts curriculum. The most important thing that has happened to her is that she has become more confident. I cannot thank her teachers enough for encouraging her to express her feelings and to become more independent. –Kathy Krieger, Parent

Beth Hillel Day School’s nursery program is a developmental program for children ages 2-4 and allows children to learn through play, hands-on activities and art. Children are encouraged to make choices, to actively participate in both inside and outside activities, and to experience a sense of security and success. Through independent play time and modeling in the classroom, students learn skills to help them grow and develop the skills they will need to succeed in life. All classrooms provide space for art, science, cooking, fine motor development, dramatic play, and manipulatives, in addition to a library and a quiet space for children if they need.

Our nursery program puts a strong emphasis on developing students’ SOCIAL and EMOTIONAL skills; children learn how to resolve conflicts with others, how to play cooperatively, how to solve problems, and how to accept disappointment. Teachers emphasize the art of conversation and the meaning of friendship, all while encouraging patience and manners. While students have opportunities for choice in freedom of activities inside and outside, the structure of our program gives children a sense of safety through the predictable routine.

Children have opportunities to develop their GROSS MOTOR and FINE MOTOR skills. Particular importance is placed on gross motor skills like jumping and pedaling a bike and fine motor skills like holding a crayon and beginning scissor skills.

Finally, we pay attention to developing children’s COGNITIVE growth. Children develop beginning number and letter sense and learn important skills such as focus, self-regulation and self-control.