• 1_Jump
  • 2_Buckets
  • 5_Stirring
  • 6_Cube Girls
  • 7_Playtime
  • 3_Fish
  • 4_Hearts
  • 8_Building

Meet our Faculty & Staff


Claudine Douglas Director of Early Childhood Education cdouglas@tbhla.org
Karla Marroquin Administrative Assistant karla@tbhla.org

Parent & Me and Transition Teachers

Sari Edber Parent & Me/Transition teacher sari@tbhla.org
Shanti Greenspan Parent & Me Teacher shanti@tbhla.org

Nursery & Mechina (Pre-K) Teachers

Vered Sasi Hebrew Teacher vered@tbhla.org
Samantha Loveman 2 year old Teacher samantha@tbhla.org
Tahnny Haim 2 year old Teacher tahnny@tbhla.org
Hannah Powers 2 year old Teacher hannah@tbhla.org
Shannon Nissan Rey 2 and 3 year old Teacher shannon@tbhla.org
Sussan Makkabi 3 and 4 year old Teacher sussan@tbhla.org
Nancy Mejia 3 and 4 year old Teacher nancy@tbhla.org
Robyn Solovei Mechina Teacher robyn@tbhla.org
Angie Banuelos Mechina Teacher angie@tbhla.org
Osnat Koren Mechina Teacher osnat@tbhla.org