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Welcome to Temple Beth Hillel!

We are a Reform Jewish community of faith, education, and friendship for all ages and stages of life. Our schools, youth programs, religious and fraternal activities all contribute to our reputation as a place where you and your family can put down roots and grow together with strength and love.

Our membership is made up of Jews, non-Jews, interfaith families, and Jews-by-choice of all ages, backgrounds, and sexual orientations. We are committed to healing the world (the Jewish precept of tikkun olam). Our programs emphasize the vital work that God calls us to do on behalf of peace and justice for all our fellow beings.

Our services are lively, warm gatherings of friends, with joyful, spiritual music, meaningful study and a friendly Oneg Shabbat afterward.

Your first visit may be to observe a holiday, celebrate a wedding or bar mitzvah, remember a loved one, or rekindle your personal relationship with your faith. But you will soon find yourself engaged in friendly conversation and marking your calendar for a return visit.

We look forward to greeting you at our services, celebrations, and events. Like thousands of others over the past 68 years, you will find new friends and a spiritual home at Temple Beth Hillel.

We have turned Rabbi Sarah’s Digital Tribute Book into a movie! If you would like to see it, then just follow the link (please note that slides are in 15 second intervals).

Also, if you missed your chance to submit your tribute, then we have good news! There is still time to get yours in! Just follow the link:


We are looking forward to adding even more radically, awesome tributes to the Digital Tribute Book! This one is sure to go down in Temple History!

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